Quodoku is a fun word variant of Sudoku.  It is played with 9 letters instead of numbers.  In addition to the fun of logically solving the puzzle, solvers also get to complete a quote!  Play a weekly puzzle at this link here.


About Quodoku:

Quodoku follows the familiar rules of a Sudoku.  Readers are given nine letters arranged into two or three easy to remember words.  Every row, column, and 3×3 box contains each of the letters one time.

Following the convention of Sudoku puzzles, the starting clues are arranged in a symmetric pattern on the board.  Additionally Quodoku grids are arranged in hand-crafted pleasing patterns.

Once the puzzle is solved, readers will complete a quote using the shaded squares read left to right and top to bottom.  Quodoku puzzles combine the meditative pleasure of Sudoku  with a quote as an additional reward for solving the puzzle.

Quodoku has been running in “The Source Weekly”, Bend Oregon’s alternative weekly newspaper since 2006 and readers love it. See testimonials.  Quodoku has also been featured in GAMES Magazine.

To read more about carrying Quodoku in your local paper, click here.